• The FCL-16 PTS series turning center basic structure is specially designed with2 sets of parallel spindles in combination with high efficiency nine stations on hydraulic power.
  • X/Z axis are cutting feed axis, which are mounted with precision linear guideways. Rapid traverse rates on X and Z axis can reach 30 m/min for increasing machining efficiency.
  • X1 axis is a tool compensation axis, which is mounted with precision linear guideways to ensure compensation accuracy. Z1 axis is designed with box way that exhibit outstanding rigidity.
  • The machine is equipped with a 9-station hydraulic turret. Each station is equipped with two tools, and the loading capacity of the turret is 18 tools. Among which, six stations are fitted with O.D./I.D/ Facing tool holders, and the remaining three station only can be fitted with I.D. sleeves.
Swing over bed Ø 400 mm ( 15.74” )
Max turning diameter Ø 150 mm ( 5.9” )
Working length 330 mm ( 13” )
Spindle nose Main : A2 - 5
Sub : A2 - 5
Bar capacity collet chuckØ 42 mm ( 1.65” )
3-jaw chuckØ 38 mm ( 1.5” )
Hydraulic chuck Ø 138 mm ( 5.4” )
X axis travel 210 mm ( 8.26” )
Z axis travel 350 mm ( 13.77” )
B axis travel


FORCE ONE Machinery has over 20 years experience, and the company’s Chief Engineer of CNC has 20 years background.

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